Clean Power

Clean Power Generation 24/7/365

Most river currents flow at relatively low velocities and in order to commercialize these it was necessary to develop a new technology that could function effectively in these circumstances. The past 7 years have been spent developing, refining and modifying the unique range of Eurogen Power technologies to the point where the commercialization process can now begin.

The Eurogen Power Station is not a propeller based generator nor is it a fixed structure buried in the river bed. Eurogen Power technology requires little or no civil engineering works, no permanent and unsightly visual change to the environment, no environmental impact on flora and fauna, no physical threat to birds, animals or humans.

The Eurogen Power Station has been uniquely designed to harness the energy contained in river or ocean currents, and converting that energy to electricity totally pollution free with zero emissions. River currents have enormous potential energy constantly replenished by rain, snow melts, groundwater and gravitational energy. Many authoritative sources suggest that the energy available from river and ocean currents can supply all the energy requirements of the civilized world for the future.

baker River patagonia_1

Baker River, Patagonia

The mechanical energy created by the uniquely designed Eurogen Power turbine can be converted to electrical energy using an alternator or generator. Carbon emissions are nil and there is no requirement for fresh water for cooling as in coal and fossil fuel power generation.  Each unit is able to generate 30 to 100kW of electricity on a continuous basis and can be transmitted to shore based facilities using ‘off the shelf’ HVDC cable technologies. 1,000 x 100 Kw Eurogen Power Stations deployed in arrays of 20 at 50 sites would produce 100 MW of power for c 80,000 homes.