About Us

Eurogen Power – clean, non-polluting electricity delivered to the grid 24/7/365

Eurogen Power is a private Australian company that has developed a range of unique renewable energy technologies designed to harness the kinetic energy generated from river and ocean currents on a 24/7/365 basis and converting that energy to more useful forms such as electricity and desalinated water.

Eurogen Power uses revolutionary turbine technology to harness this energy. In contrast to other water based technologies our power station is not an unsightly fixed structure attached at enormous cost to the river or ocean floor as required by tidal barrages, wave power devices, underwater “wind” farms or other such experiments.

Eurogen Power units are completely modular and portable allowing for multiple or singular units to be deployed in the one location. This significantly minimizes installation costs, increases the number of suitable deployment locations and dismisses the need for lengthy and expensive planning and approval processes.


Run of River Power Sttaion, Kraftwerke – Laufkraftwerk, Gossendorf, Austria

Eurogen Power Stations are designed to augment the power generated by existing, fixed structure  run of river power stations such as the one shown above located at Gossendorf in Austria.

Eurogen Power has developed and designed robust energy transference units to provide a cheaper, environmentally less damaging and altogether cleaner option of power generation for residential, commercial and government clients offering outstanding service using high quality products delivered at competitive prices. Eurogen River Platforms can combine non-polluting, continual power generation with the production of clean, purified water at each of its proposed sites from each unit deployed and in addition provide energy security through decentralized power generation.