Project Update March 2014

Project Update March 2014:

Eurogen Power specializes in the development and installation of a unique range of renewable energy systems designed specifically to harness the kinetic energy contained in moving bodies of water and convert that into more useful forms of energy such as electricity, clean and purified water and liquid hydrogen.  Eurogen Pty Limited owns 100% of the global Intellectual Property and subsequent Licensing Authority to supply and operate Eurogen River Platforms worldwide. Provisional Patent Application filed on 6 March 2014 and will remain in place until 6 March 2015.

Eurogen has developed and designed robust energy transference units to provide a cheaper, environmentally less damaging and altogether cleaner option of power generation for residential, commercial and government clients offering outstanding service using high quality products delivered at competitive prices. Eurogen River Platforms can combine non-polluting, continual power generation with the production of clean, purified water at each of its selected sites from each unit deployed and in addition provide energy security through decentralized power generation.The Eurogen turbines represent a paradigm shift in thinking about how turbines work, and why a different approach is needed for the successful commercialization of free flowing ocean or river currents.

• A novelty search by patent attorneys Spruson & Ferguson revealed that Eurogen technology is novel and unique with nothing that even remotely resembles the Eurogen Power Station available anywhere in the world. 

• The Eurogen Power Station is designed as a modular base-load electricity generator.

• Rivers such as the Danube, Rhine, Ruhr, Nile, Congo and many others in North America, Africa, China and parts of Asia could all feasibly accommodate thousands’ of 100kWe units. 

• The units can also function in small, remote, rural communities with a few installations at each site. 

• The capital costs per MWe for the Eurogen Power Stations are at the lower end of the industry scale. There are no carbon emissions and no requirement for cooling water. 

• The Eurogen River Power Station is designed to be installed adjacent to many of the thousands of existing facilities worldwide enhancing decentralized base-load generation. 

• 200 x Eurogen River Platforms can provide 20 MWe of electricity and 5 Million Litres of purified water per day.


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