NEWS ALERT: EU Confirms Untapped Potential for River Power 2013

On 3rd April 2013 the EU recognized the massive, and as yet untapped, potential in river power in Europe by stating that  “Small hydro power with very low head or pressure differences below 2.5 m is a significant renewable resource, with an estimated unused potential in rivers alone of e.g. 600 to 1000 MW in the UK and more than 500 MW in Germany. The economically and ecologically efficient utilisation of this hydro power bracket still constitutes an unsolved problem since conventional turbines are not cost effective, and since they are considered to have a negative ecological impact”.

As those involved with Eurogen Power are astutely aware our uniquely designed turbines are not only cost effective but our power stations also have zero ecological impact on the environment. This statement from the EU has confirmed what those at Eurogen Power already know  –  that we have not only correctly identified both the physical and commercial environment with which to successfully deploy our technology but that our business strategy is also correct and very much “on track”.